About me


I work at Google as Head of Content Solutions for Asia Pacific. My current focus is to expand Google’s business in the region beyond the legacy Performance business and into Brand marketing, by capturing an increasing share of spend from the top global and local advertisers. I spend most of my time crafting innovative digital branding solutions and changing the mindset of top brand marketers in the region to embrace digital at the center of their marketing strategy.

My email: gilberto.gaeta@gmail.com

About this blog

Digital has created new opportunities for marketers to engage people in more meaningful ways. We have just begun to discover the possibilities offered by digital media, and the pace of technology calls for continuous innovation and experimentation. This blog is for the pioneers, the open minds and constant learners who are willing to challenge previously successful strategies and venture in the largely uncharted territory of marketing in the digital age.

Part of the content in this blog comes from my experience at Google and discussions with colleagues and clients. To the best of my possibilities, I will give credit to any 3rd parties for any ideas they spurred or processes/frameworks they created.


DISCLAIMER: This blog does not belong to Google and the content does not represent official opinions or recommendations from Google.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Gilberto, I would like to invite you to speak at an upcoming HR conference next year in April. How can I reach out to you?



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